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We are a group of volunteers called Barnsley Art on Your Doorstep and we are passionate about the artistic heritage of the district of Barnsley.

We want to excite local people about their hidden artistic heritage with its rich variety of exceptionally talented individuals who rose from Barnsley’s past communities and families and to celebrate it with people of all groups.

We provide opportunities to learn about and to celebrate the fine paintings, sculptures, carving, photography, architecture and other means of artistic expression that have been created by Barnsley people, and to give people direct contact with them where possible. We are fortunate to have funding for the Heritage Lottery Fund to finance our current project, The Hidden Art of Barnsley.

The Hidden Art Of Barnsley

A series of wonderful artists emerged from Barnsley in the late eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, amidst the industrial and social changes which did so much to transform the area and its communities. Their work and achievements had become largely unknown. We have been working with local communities and our partners, to explore their lives, showcase their work and engage people with what is a rich, inspiring and hidden artistic heritage.

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