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Something in the Water?

In our research we discovered a hub of artistic talent in Cawthorne village.

This resulted in our decision to produce a village trial and allowed us to continue our partnership working with the volunteers of Cawthorne Victoria Jubilee Museum. The Trail leaflet covers artists originating in the village in the 19th and 20th centuries. There were several remarkable artists over that period in this small area and they came from all levels of society, local gentry to the ordinary working people. They were architects, sculptors, stained glass designers and painters of landscapes, portraits and the wildlife of the country.

cawthorne artists trail

We are grateful to the volunteers at the museum for supporting our research and providing advice about village history.

Take advantage of our map and spend a pleasant and informative few hours in Cawthorne.

There are two sizes of printable book here. Please download a copy to suit your printer:

  1. A5 pages for people with a standard A4 printer. If they’re printed 2 per page they create an A5 booklet – Use this file to print on an A4 printer – 2 per page will give you an A5 booklet – A4 VERSION >>
  2. If you have an A3 printer you can print our leaflet and fold it to A5 as in our printed version – A3 VERSION >>



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